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TASKI swingo 4000B Ride-On 43in Auto Scrubber w Pad Drivers Plus IntelliTrail SKU#TASKI-D1222169, TASKI swingo 4000B Ride-On 43in Auto Scrubber w Pad Drivers Plus IntelliTrail SKU#TASKI-D1222169

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TASKI swingo 4000B Ride-On 43in Auto Scrubber w Pad Drivers Plus IntelliTrail SKU#TASKI-D1222169

Manufacturer: Diversey TASKI
Part No: D1222169
SKU: TASKI-D1222169

Product Description:

TASKI swingo 4000B Ride-On 43in Auto Scrubber w Pad Drivers Plus IntelliTrail SKU#TASKI-D1222169 - TASKI swingo 4000B large ride on auto scrubber/drier features all wheel steering and a large working width and large tank size with the outer dimensions of a more compact unit. Includes 4x Wet Cell Batteries, Offboard Charger (5522625), 2 Standard Brushes, and TASKI IntelliTrail Remote Fleet Management System.

The TASKI swingo 4000B is the next generation of large ride-on auto-scrubber/driers. The large 53 gallon tank reduces the number of time-consuming tank filling stops, and combined with a high cleaning speed of 4.6mph can radically increase your productivity. Additionally, TASKI swingo 4000B unique all wheel steering makes the machine very agile and easy to maneouver in tight or congested areas.

TASKI swingo 4000B new and patented W-shaped squeegee follows the floor profile and allows perfect water pick-up even in curves, while turning or on uneven or structured floors. Special squeegee blades and a direct suction line allow pick-up of small debris without clogging. This results in both exceptional cleaning and immediate drying results, to give you a consistently improved floor appearance.

Engineered and designed for durability and hard cleaning tasks, the TASKI swingo 4000B is constructed with high tech materials and long-life components that increase machine uptime and reduce repair costs. All components which need frequent maintenance are color coded in yellow and can be removed easily without tools. These features allow trouble-free operation with a minimum of operator training needed and enhance productivity.

TASKI swingo 4000B features a low entrance, an adjustable seat with high seatback, and a new accelerator pedal that promotes safe and ergonomic operation. Excellent visibility while cleaning and an excellent squeegee deflection allow the operator to clean close along walls and around obstacles. The special TASKI ECO mode reduces noise and allows day time cleaning even in noise sensitive areas.

TASKI IntelliTrail Remote Fleet Management System allows you to: Easily manage your entire cleaning machine fleet, Receive instant alerts as problems arise, and Quickly determine areas to increase productivity and profits.

Now you can automatically track your entire cleaning machine fleet in real time, independent of brand or product type, and return meaningful actions to immediately improve your bottom line. Management summary reports allow you to see opportunities for labor savings, fleet rebalancing, and preventative maintenance - without extra time and effort on your part. Call Dobmeier to request your personal demonstration today!

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Product Specifications:
Height: 55" (140cm)
Width: 35" (89cm)
Length: 70" (178cm)
Weight ready for use with full tank: 1,675lbs (760kg)
Working Width: 33.5" (85cm)
Cleaning Path: Squeegee Width 50.7" (129cm)
Batteries: 4x Flooded Wet Cell
Maximum Runtime: 4.5-6.5 hours
Cleaning Rate: 68,620 sq ft/hr (6,375 sq m/h)
Turning Circle: 6.5' (2m)
Sound Level: 67 dBA
Brush Drive: 2x17" (2x43cm)
Brush Pressure: 124-247lbs (56-112kg)
Solution Tank: 53 gal (200 ltr)
Recovery Tank: 55 gal (210 ltr)
Max Ramp: 15.0%

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