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AIRX RX31 Trash & Garbage Super Sorbent SKU#RX31-3C, Bullen AIRX RX 31 Trash & Garbage Super Sorbent SKU#RX31-3C

Items/Pack: 1
Packs/Case: 3

AIRX RX 31 Trash & Garbage Super Sorbent SKU#RX31-3C

Manufacturer: Bullen Chemical Company / AIRX
Part No: RX 31
SKU: RX31-3C

Product Description:

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AIRX RX 31 Trash And Garbage Super Sorbent SKU#RX31-3C - 3 x 10lb Cartons. RX 31 is a dry mix of recycled paper pulp that acts much like charcoal in a gas mask in adsorbing the foul odorous vapors in garbage, trash, and other refuse containers. It is also a super absorbent capturing the liquids in refuse containers generating such foul odors. Plus, it contains AIRX AIRICIDE Odor Counteractant to erase any unpleasant odors already in the air. RX 31 erases foul odors from garbage, trash, medical and chemical waste, animal bedding, diapers, etc. in dumpsters, compactors, diaper cans, garbage chutes, refuse containers and trucks, etc. Can also be held in RX 31 Hanging Mesh Bags (SKU # RX31BAGS) for more effective circulation of Airicide. 10lb Cartons, 3 Cartons per Case.

AIRX RX Products Trash/Garbage & Waste Cleanup Procedures VIDEO

AIRX RX 31 Trash/Garbage Super Sorbent VIDEO

Items/Case: 3
Unit Price: $45.03
Case Price: $202.94
Cases Ordered:
Extended Price:
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