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TASKI Intellibot HydroBot Robotic Auto Scrubber Drier Education SKU#TASKI-RS1000s-e, SWINGOBOT 1650 RS1000s-e, TASKI Intellibot HydroBot Robotic Auto Scrubber Drier Education SKU#TASKI-RS1000s-e, SWINGOBOT 1650 RS1000s-e

Items/Pack: 1
Packs/Case: 1

TASKI Intellibot HydroBot Robotic Auto Scrubber Drier Education SKU#TASKI-RS1000s-e, SWINGOBOT 1650 RS1000s-e

Manufacturer: Diversey TASKI / Intellibot Robotics
Part No: SWINGOBOT 1650 RS1000s-e Green Cleaning Supplies
SKU: TASKI-RS1000s-e

Product Description:


All IntelliBots are Fully-Autonomous, like this SwingoBot 2000 that encounters an unexpected object along its cleaning path and carefully maneuvers around it before continuing on with its work.

Intellibot HydroBot Robotic 29in disc auto scrubber/driers offer Hands-Free Robotic Floor Scrubbing at the touch of a button to increase productivity, improve cleaning consistency, and reduce cleaning cost in your facility. HydroBots are available for use in Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing... environments. This HydroBot RS1000s-e model, with Intelli-Trak and EcoSave, is specifically optimized for use in Schools, Hospitality, & Office Space. If you require a different HydroBot model variant contact Dobmeier directly at 1.800.870.2006.

Dobmeier Is An Intellibot Gold Status Distributor

Dobmeier Gold Status Intellibot Distributor

Dobmeier is a Gold Status Intellibot Distributor - the highest level that Taski Intellibot confers upon their distributors, fully-authorized to:

  • Present, Demonstrate, Sell and Deploy All Intellibot Equipment & Accessories
  • Provide Factory-Authorized Warranty & Repair Services On All Intellibot Models From Our In-House Service Center
  • Provide Taski Intellibot Authorized OEM Parts Direct From Inventory


Multiple Cleaning Shifts
HydroBots can work multiple cleaning shifts without interruption. The optional battery exchange kit (TASKI-1100059) allows the operator to exchange tired batteries for fresh in just a few minutes, completely avoiding any down time for the robot to recharge. Each maintenance-free battery pack provides up to 4 hours run time. A single operator can easily manage multiple HydroBot units to multiply productivity severalfold.

Simple, Safe, & Secure Operation
HydroBots feature a 5in touchscreen control panel with icon-based menu that eliminates language barriers and makes operation easy. Interactive menus and on-line, multi-lingual help screens guide the operator through various functions and cleaning options including Route, Area, Spot, and Manual modes. Custom-mapped cleaning routes are stored in memory for rapid selection. Prior to starting, each operator provides a password code that prevents unauthorized use and identifies the operator for performance reporting. HydroBot features Intellibot's G-10 technology, that uses 14 sensors to give the robot a 360-degree view of its environment, so it can operate and clean autonomously. It will automatically navigate around objects, avoid stairs, and come to a safe stop if someone inadvertently steps into its path. The easily accessed emergency stop button can immediately halt the robot, safeguarding people and equipment. And front and rear signal lights flash to notify people when it is stopping or turning.

29 in Scrubbing Width
HydroBot provides a 29in Scrubbing width from dual, counter-rotating, 15in pads or brushes that rotate at 200rpm and have a head cleaning pressure of 110lbs. The robot can accommodate various abrasive grades of pads and brushes to suit your floor surface.

eco-Friendly & Quiet
HydroBots are compatible with most eco-friendly cleaning solutions and can even work in complete darkness so you can turn off the lights to save energy. Additionally, environmental impact and cleaning costs are significantly reduced by the advanced 4-stage purification system that filters water to one micron, providing clean, reusable water and eliminating wastewater and chemicals by 85% - saving 1,000's of gallons of water and associated cleaning chemicals annually. The optional UV light sterilization process (available in the alternate HydroBot /SWINGOBOT RS1000s-h Model) destroys 99.99 percent of harmful microorganisms, and is effective against both Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Noise pollution and personal distraction is minimized by quiet operation with 65dBA noise rating.

Easy Accessibility & Maintenance
The HydroBot's front door allows easy access to the brush head and other components (e.g. fuse box, circuit breaker, etc). The tank and lid design allow easy access to all filters and to the tank for daily maintenance or cleaning. Bag, filters and the brush head are also easily accessible, as are the integrated drain hose with drain valve. Batteries are quickly interchangeable when using the optional Battery Exchange Kit.

Reporting & Remote Diagnostics
HydroBots are equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G communications to enable on-demand performance reporting and remote diagnostics. Reports show the machine location, operator identity, running times and dates, and any maintenance issues. On-board diagnostics constantly monitor all major systems to self-diagnose problems or routine maintenance needs so that the robot can alert the operator or Intellibot service staff when required. Intellibot technicians can remotely diagnose and remediate problems, significantly reducing downtime and service call expense.

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Product image may vary from product if manufacturer changes specifications.

Product Specifications:
Height: 43in (109cm)
Width: 32in (81cm)
Length: 48in (122cm)
Weight: 720lbs (327kg)
Cleaning Path: 29in (74cm)
Batteries: 4x 180Ah 24V
Maximum Runtime: 4 hours/battery pack
Cleaning Rate: 10,000 sq ft/hr (929 sq m/h)
Sound Level: 65 dBA

Items/Case: 1
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