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TASKI IntelliPad Case Study - TASKI Intellibot & TASKI Intellipad Revolutionize Floor Maintenance In High-Traffic, Cost-Conscious, School Floorcare Applications

School Floors

The typical school floor is constantly subjected to extremely high-traffic use, and any School Custodian will attest that even the best available floor finishes require ongoing maintenance to retain a clean glossy appearance and their ability to protect the underlying flooring materials.

An excellent example is Upper Merion School District, near Philadelphia, PA, which features more than 830,000 sqft of floor area, including a variety of flooring materials such as cement terrazzo, epoxy terrazzo, and vinyl tiles.

Back in 2006, the dedicated team of school district cleaning staff consisted of 37 people, including 2 floorcare specialists who performed weekly burnishing with propane burnishers. Following the economic downturn, and related cost-cutting with staff reductions, by 2015, the school district actively sought a more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable option to maintain their floors between less-frequent burnishing operations.

TASKI Intellibots For School Floor Maintenance

Intellibot Demonstration Video

Official Intellibot demonstration video for HydroBot (now named SwingoBot 2000), AeroBot and DuoBot.

William Dillon, Custodial Coordinator of the Upper Merion School District, understands that deployment of the latest developments in floorcare technology can continuously and cost-effectively allow a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. In fact, the school district has a long experience with floor cleaners from Sealed Air's Diversey Care Division, and has more recently upgraded to using autonomous robotic floorcare technology with the TASKI Intellibot DUOBOT 1850 robotic sweeper/scrubber and the TASKI Intellibot SWINGOBOT (HYDROBOT) 1650.

TASKI 2 in 1 IntelliPad For Dual Cleaning & Burnishing

TASKI IntelliPad is a diamond impregnated floorcare pad for 2 in 1 cleaning and burnishing of both coated and non-coated floors. IntelliPad was developed for ease of use (no training required) and provision of superior and consistent cleaning performance with enhanced gloss.

IntelliPad is made of PET fibres and a special diamond mixture that offers 3-4x the lifetime of a conventional floor pad for outstanding cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The diamonds are less abrasive than standard red pads for a smoother floor finish with significantly improved appearance.

A single IntelliPad cleans up to 500,000sqft, removing micro-scratches from floor coatings, which reduces dirt embedment for a longer lasting, cleaner, floor.


Official IntelliPad information video.

Back at Upper Merion School District, it was an obvious next step to incorporate TASKI IntelliPad, Diversey Care's 2-in-1 floor care pad that both cleans and burnishes, into the school district. "We have been using the 15-inch IntelliPads with our SWINGOBOT and have ordered 19-inch pads for our walk behind floor scrubbers following the positive response from cleaning staff and higher-ups in the district," Dillon said.

"There's no training required; it's as simple as putting the pad on the machine and witnessing the floor's shine increase after each use - With Diversey Care's portfolio of floor care solutions, we've overcome our cleaning challenges and are now ahead of the curve and able to maintain continuity."

Purchasing TASKI IntelliPads

TASKI IntelliPad 2 in 1 Cleaning/Burnishing Floor Pads are now available in the online catalog in a range of standard sizes with 2 Pads per Case:

This case study is based on an original article that appeared in the March 1 2016 issue of School Planning & Management.

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TASKI IntelliPad Diamond Impregnated 2 in 1 Cleaning/Burnishing Pad Is Now Available Online
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