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Synthetic Floors can be made from a variety of traditional and modern man-made materials:
4.1. Traditional Synthetic Flooring including Asphalt Tiles & Linoleum Sheets
4.2. Modern Plastic & Rubber Flooring Products including Vinyl & Rubber, Tiles or Sheets

The best way to clean Your Synthetic Floor depends upon its' specific composition and surface , and also the size of the floor and the amount of use it gets:
4.3. Cleaning Residential Synthetic Floors
4.4. Janitorial Cleaning Recommendations For Synthetic Floors
4.5. Green Cleaning Supplies For Synthetic Floors
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Many homes still contain 20th Century synthetic flooring products like Asphalt Tiles and Linoleum Sheets, which is a testament to their durability.

ASPHALT TILE FLOORING - Asphalt Tile Flooring has been a popular choice for below-grade basement applications due to the tiles low cost and innate resistance to damp conditions, mold, fungus, alkali and mild acids. However, asphalt tile floors tend to soften at temperatures above 80ºF (27ºC), and their surface can be damaged by lengthy exposure to grease, oil, solvents, some strong cleaning chemicals and scouring while cleaning.

LINOLEUM FLOORING - Linoleum flooring is made from a mixture of natural ingredients including sawdust, ground stone, resins and linseed oil. Waxing your linoleum floor will dramatically reduce the time required for floor cleaning & maintenance. Solvent-based products can damage your linoleum floor, so choose a water-based wax.


Plastic and Rubber Flooring Products are available in both Sheet and Tile form.

VINYL FLOORING - The most commonly found plastic flooring products are the many different types of Vinyl Floor Tiles & Sheets, which are available in a huge range of colors and patterns. These may be obtained as hard and rigid solid tiles colored all the way through their thickness or relatively soft, flexible and even cushioned tiles or sheets - that are patterned and/or textured only on their top surface.

Vinyl flooring tiles and sheets are made from plasticized PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) which is relatively hard and tough wearing, essentially non-porous, and simple to maintain. Vinyl No Wax Surfaces are treated to protect the floor surface but may still require floor polish to maintain a high gloss finish.

RUBBER FLOOR TILES & SHEETS - also come in a bewildering range of types, colors and patterns, and both vinyl and rubber are considered relatively inexpensive, durable and easy to maintain.

Rubber floor tiles and sheets are naturally insulating and are often found in schools, gyms, playrooms, airports, etc. Some rubber flooring products are relatively dense, while others like recycled rubber flooring may be much more porous. Some are designed for interior use only, whereas others may be used in exterior situations. Modified rubber floors have even been developed with electrical conductivity for anti-static applications in computer rooms etc. One thing that all rubber floors have in common is that they can be easily damaged by exposing them to solvents or harsh cleaning chemicals.

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Cleaning Synthetic Floors

Diversey Pace High Impact Flooring Cleaning System with Microfiber Pads
Diversey Pace High Impact Flooring Cleaning System with Microfiber Pads

The Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide

The Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide


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