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Stone Floors can be made from a variety of naturally occurring or man-made stone materials:
3.1. Natural Stone Floors including Marble, Granite, Travertine, Flagstone, Slate...
3.2. Man-Made Stone Floors including Ceramic Tiles, Clay Bricks & Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Terrazzo, Concrete...

The best way to clean Your Sealed & Finished Stone Floor depends upon the specific type of stone and also the the size of the floor and how much use it gets:
3.3. Cleaning Residential Stone Floors
3.4. Janitorial Cleaning Recommendations For Stone Floors
3.5. Green Cleaning Supplies For Stone Floors
Download the Recommended Diversey Floor Cleaning Supplies Summary Table (PDF)


Janitorial cleaning and maintenance of stone floors requires a range of floor cleaning equipment and the use of proprietary cleaning chemicals are specifically formulated for use on hard or stone flooring.

The Importance Of Your Stone Floor Finish

Almost all stone flooring products are intrinsically porous, and Stone Floor Cleaning Requirements vary with the degree of porosity and the stone's surface state and texture. Sealed floors are very much easier to maintain than unsealed floors, and some colors and patterns show dirt and marks more easily than others.

For Easy Care & Maintenance Stone Floors Must Be Properly Sealed & Finished!

SEALING Porous Stone Floors
Apply undiluted Diversey Plaza Plus Stone Floor Sealer onto new or stripped stone floors using a mop. When used as a sealant, Plaza Plus can be top coated with other Diversey floor finish products. When used alone as a combination sealant/finish this product can be maintained with conventional or UHS floor machines.

FINISHING Sealed Stone Floors
Solvent-based waxes are durable but may discolor some porous man-made stone flooring products - so test in an inconspicuous place before applying to the entire floor. Water-based waxes tend to build up and require stripping, but are less likely to discolor your floor. There are many products specifically formulated for use on porous stone and tile floors.
Download the Diversey Hard Floor Care Recommendations Table (PDF).

Stone Floor Cleaning Supplies

To select the optimum products for cleaning and maintaining your sealed stone floor you need to factor in your type of floor machine:

For Daily Cleaning/Polishing with Conventional Rotary Floor Machines 3M offers the ScotchBrite Purple Diamond Floor Pad, whereas for Buffing/Polishing with UHS Floor Machines the 3M 3600 Eraser Burnishing Pad is recommended.
More 3M Floor Pad Recommendations

Also for Daily Cleaning, Diversey offers an excellent range of floor cleaning supplies that can be used for cleaning stone floors with either Conventional Swing Machines or UHS Floor Machines:

  • Jon Stone / Jon Crete
  • Profi
  • Prominence
  • Stride Neutral
  • Revive Plus SC

For Extended Maintenance of stone flooring, Diversey also offers:

  • Floor Stripper - LinoSafe (Conventional Floor Machines Only)
  • Floor Sealer - Plaza Plus
  • Floor Finish - CareFree / CareFree Matte
  • Floor Maintainer - Revive Plus SC (or WiWax for Conventional Floor Machines Only)
  • Download the Recommended Diversey Floor Cleaning Supplies Summary Table (PDF)

    Cleaning Stone Floors Using Green Cleaning Supplies

    For Light-Duty Manual Floor Cleaning
    Johnson Wax General Purpose Cleaner is reported to be highly effective in a range of floor scrubbing, mop & bucket, and spray & wipe applications with natural stone floors.

    For Wide-Area Floor Cleaning, using floor cleaning machines, on natural stone floors, recommended 'Green Cleaning' products are:

    • 3M 3600 Eraser UHS Floor Pad, and
    • Diversey Stride Neutral Cleaner

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    Windsor Storm Series Floor Cleaning Machine With 3M Cleaning Pads
    Windsor Storm Series Floor Cleaning Machine With 3M Cleaning Pads

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