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Rubbermaid Vacuum Cleaner & Janitorial Equipment Company Summary

Rubbermaid: is a division of Newell Rubbermaid, with HQ in Atlanta, GA
Rubbermaid Products: Containers, Storage Solutions, Materials Handling, Cleaning Products...
Rubbermaid Serves: Residential, Institutional, Commercial, & Industrial Sectors
More Rubbermaid Information: Rubbermaid Company History

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Washroom Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Washroom Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Waste Containers

Rubbermaid Commercial Waste Containers

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
FoodService Products

Rubbermaid Commercial FoodService Products

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
SkinCare Products

Rubbermaid Commercial SkinCare Products

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Materials Handling Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Materials Handling Products

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Safety Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Materials Safety Equipment

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Agricultural Products

Rubbermaid Commercial Materials Agricultural Products

Rubbermaid Company History

1920 - Wooster Rubber Company is founded in Wooster, OH
1930's - Wooster develops rubber dustpans & household products
1955 - Wooster is Publicly Traded
1957 - Wooster is renamed Rubbermaid, Inc.
1967 - Rubbermaid Commercial Products is opened in Winchester, VA
1980's - Rubbermaid expands Internationally
1999 - Rubbermaid is purchased by the Newell Company and Newell Rubbermaid, Inc. is established.
Today - Rubbermaid produces a wide range of storage, utility & cleaning products for home & commercial applications.

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