Advice On Purchasing An Automatic Scrubber:
Should You Consider Trading In Your Disk AutoScrubbers And Replacing Them With The Newer Orbital Machines?

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The Dobmeier Orbital AutoScrubber Guide Will Help Understand Orbital Automatic Scrubber Technology So That You Can Make The Best Decision For Your Facility

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Like many top cleaning professionals, you may be wondering:

“Should we consider trading in our existing Disk Auto Scrubbers and replacing them with the newer Orbital machines that are now available in the marketplace?”

This guide is designed to help you decide if the change makes sense for your facility, and also provides advice on what to look for when considering an Orbital Automatic Scrubber purchase.

Disk vs. Orbital Automatic Scrubbers

First, let's compare these 2 very different Auto Scrubber Technologies:

  • Disk Automatic Scrubbers use the revolution of large disks to provide their mechanical cleaning interaction with the floor. The disk speed typically ranges between 180-300 RPM, with the outer part of the disk moving much faster than the inner part. This leads to a distribution in cleaning effectiveness across the disk, with the outside part contributing most of the work.
  • Orbital Automatic Scrubbers use a micro-orbital motion to provide their mechanical cleaning interaction with the floor. The total motion is only about ¼ of an inch, but the speed (in RPM) is approximately 10-12 times that of a traditional disk auto scrubber. This allows for delivery of much more mechanical cleaning action to the floor in a uniform manner across the entire cleaning pad, for superior cleaning in a much shorter time period.

Orbital Scrubbing Technology Basics

Each Orbital Scrub Deck is comprised of 3 Layers, separated by flexible Isolators. Starting at the bottom:

Layer 1 - The Pad Driver holds the pad and drives the orbital cleaning energy into the floor.

Layer 2 - The Motor Mount must be very sturdy, but must also allow some movement in order to dampen down vibration transfer back up into the body of the machine.

Layer 3 - the Deck Attachment connects the deck to the auto scrubber body.

The Isolators located between the 3 Orbital Scrub Deck Layers are typically made of hard rubber, allowing for flex between each layer. In lesser models, these isolators are considered wear items requiring costly periodic maintenance.

The Micro-Orbital Motion is created by a high speed motor spinning an eccentric (off-center) weight that generates a total orbital motion of about 1/4 inch at around 2,200 RPM.

Orbital Auto Scrubbers Can Provide Major Advantages

Compared with the Disk AutoScrubbers that you are currently using, Orbital AutoScrubbers can provide 3 major advantages:

  • Chemical-Free Floor Stripping For Reduced Cost
  • Significantly Reduced Operator Labor Costs
  • Increased Facility Safety

These advantages could potentially lead to very significant savings in your facility.

Strip Your Floors Without Using Chemicals

Disk and Orbital Auto Scrubbers can both do a good job cleaning most floors, but only orbital technology can perform chemical-free finish removal. And, with all the pads and specialized cleaning tools made for orbital machines, the technology works on multiple floor surfaces, even including grouted tile.

If you have clear-finish floors, orbital technology’s dual function capability is a game changer on the finish maintenance side of your floor cleaning program. With today’s UV protected finishes, there is much less need to completely chemically strip and recoat the floor. Now, the main degradation in finish appearance comes from impregnated soils, chemical residue and scratches on the surface. In short, if you can remove the “bad layers” of finish, you can replace those only.

Orbital scrubbers use specialized “surface prep” pads and small amounts of water to do a one-pass, chemical-free finish removal process. Based on studies, it would be conservative to state that this process:

  • Reduces labor by over 75% versus traditional chemical floor stripping
  • Eliminates the cost and safety concerns of using toxic chemical strippers
  • Removes the significant slip/fall risks associated with chemical stripper slurry

Proven Orbital AutoScrubber Case Study Performance Data

In one case study at a grocery store, a single 20-inch orbital auto scrubber was proven to:

  • Decrease Labor Costs By Over 75% - One floor cleaning operator with an orbital auto scrubber covered the same square footage as 3 cleaning staff with disk machines, in only 22% of the time.
  • Reduce Supply Costs By Over 90% - Eliminating 15-gallons of stripper chemical, requiring only a little water and surface preparation pads
  • Deliver Improved Safety Levels - Without hazardous stripper chemicals, neither the operators or store staff were at risk. And slurry slip/fall risks were eliminated.

Calculate Your Potential Cost Savings From Orbital Chemical-Free Finish Removal

Download The Dobmeier & Pacific Floorcare Savings Estimation Spreadsheet (xls)

Evaluating Orbital Auto Scrubbing In Your Facility

To evaluate whether orbital auto scrubber technology is right for your facility, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my facility have a prevalent amount of clear finished floors?
  • Are these floors in areas that get a lot of facility traffic?
  • Are the expectations that these floors stay bright and shiny?
  • Do I need to significantly reduce my labor and chemical costs due to budget constraints?

If the answer to the first question is “Yes”, then it is likely that the remaining questions are also “Yes” making your facility a clear candidate for upgrading to orbital scrubbers.

Find out more about Key Performance Specifications and the highly recommended Pacific Floorcare S-20 Orbital Autoscrubber by Downloading The Full Dobmeier Orbital AutoScrubber Guide.

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