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Dobmeier has been providing janitorial supplies since 1950, and our Janitorial Cleaning Experts can help You find the optimum equipment and supplies for removing all kinds of stains from all kinds of surfaces in your home or facility. If you ever have any questions feel free to Contact Us at any time. Call 1.800.870.2006 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), or e-mail


The janitorial professional often faces a much more difficult job than the homeowner when removing stains from carpets & rugs. In commercial settings, stains may go undetected for hours or even days (allowing them to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers), and the specific type of stain is not always easily identified.

In this situation, complete removal of the stain often requires application of powerful cleaning agents that are specifically designed for removal of particular types of stains from carpets & rugs. In many instances a number of specialized stain removal spotters must be applied in a particular sequence. In fact, it is not unusual for janitorial staff to have to deal with several different types of stains in the same area, sometimes overlapping!

This type of challenge requires the use of carpet & rug stain removal spotter chemicals that must be compatible in sequential use, and frequently demands specialized carpet cleaning equipment such as janitorial spotter machines and extractors.


SSS Stain Spotter Kit
SSS Carpet Stain Remover Spotter Kit SKU#SSS480251
7 Heavy-Duty Stain Removal Formulas That Can Achieve Effective & Safe Stain Removal In Your Toughest Professional Cleaning Applications!
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Individual SSS Stain Removal Spotters:
Spotter #1: SSS Enzyme Spotter
Spotter #2: SSS Coffee Stain Remover
Spotter #3: SSS Red Stain Remover
Spotter #4: SSS Rust Stain Remover
Spotter #5: SSS Citrus Gel Spotter
Spotter #6: SSS Solvent Stain Remover
Spotter #7: SSS Chewing Gum Remover

Diversey Professional Carpet Stain Removal Spotters
Diversey (JohnsonDiversey) Logo - For Diversey Stain Removal Spotters
Effectively & Safely Remove A Wide Variety Of Tough Stains
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Individual Diversey Stain Spotters:
Diversey Percolator Spotter
Diversey General Purpose Spotter
Diversey POG Spotter
Diversey Citrus Express Gel Spotter
Diversey Tannin Stain Remover Spotter
Diversey Delible Ink Remover Spotter
Diversey Red Juice Remover Spotter
Diversey Gum Remover Aerosol Spotter
Diversey Protein Spotter
Diversey Stench & Stain Digester

Following years of experience in our industry, the carpet cleaning experts at Dobmeier Janitorial Equipment & Supplies Outlet can highly recommend the professional carpet & rug stain removal spotter systems provided by both (Johnson) Diversey and SSS (Triple S). We have seen that either of these stain removal systems can be used to obtain excellent and lasting results on many types of carpets if the manufacturer's directions are followed.


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Carpet Spotter Machines are used to efficiently clean isolated areas of carpet that may be deeply soiled or stained.
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Carpet Cleaning Shampoo can be used with Rotary Brush Machines or Dry Foam Carpet Machines to clean deep into your carpet pile. When applying the shampoo with a brush and a standard speed rotary floor buffer machine the brushing action foams the shampoo into the carpet pile. Dry foam machines generate the foam internally.
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A Carpet Extractor uses a pump to force carpet cleaning detergent deep into the carpet pile and then pulls it back out, with entrained dirt and soil, by using powerful vacuum extraction motors.
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Air Movers are used to circulate air over damp carpets in order to dry them more quickly. It has also been shown that raking the carpet or rug can significantly decrease drying times.
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