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1. Choose The Right HEPA Vacuum Cleaner For Your Particular Cleaning Scenario:

Light-Duty Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are designed to be used for up to about 3 hours per week and most residential vacuum cleaning situations are best served with a Canister-style Vacuum Cleaner.

Heavy-Duty Professional Janitorial HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are generally larger and heavier units designed to run 7 hours per day for 5 days per week, and they are not well suited to relatively small residential vacuum cleaning applications.

Different janitorial vacuum cleaning situations may be optimally served with a Canister Model, a Wide-Area Upright Model, a Cordless Vac, a Ride-On Vacuum Cleaner, a Backpack HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, or a Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Model - so it is not unusual to find more than one type of vacuum cleaner in a janitorial storage area.

2. Insist On A True (Certified) HEPA Filter In Your HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

You also need a Sealed HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner that will not permit allergens and other fine particulates to leak out of the vac unit into your room air. In order to achieve this, the HEPA Filter must be positioned in the airflow downstream of both the filter bag and the vacuum cleaner motor, and it must be firmly sealed in place with thick rubber gasketing.

3. Insist On A Powerful HEPA Vacuum Cleaner With Suction Control

Look for a twin-fan motor. The more powerful the suction the more dirt and allergens you'll be able to remove from your carpeting and vacuum cleaning will take less time. However, you will also want Suction Control so that you can turn down the power when cleaning drapes and other surfaces that don't need maximum suction.

4. Insist On Simple Operation & Control

You want easy adjustment and control of all features using your hands or feet where appropriate. Look for a long power cord - canister vacuum cleaners offer self-storing retractable cords so expect at least 25 feet length.

5. Insist On Getting The Right Tools & Functionality For Your HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure that you get the specific tools that you need and check that they function properly:

  • On Canisters: look for an adjustable wand length and ease of tool fitting/removal/storage. Get a power-brush head for efficiently cleaning carpets and look for adjustable height control. Make sure the hose can rotate a full 360 degrees so that you'll have free range of motion without kinking the hose or tugging the vac unit around.
  • On Uprights: look for easy hose & cable storage, and ask about tool storage. Make sure that you can easily switch the power-brush on for carpets and off for bare floors, and adjust its height. Look for a wide head if you need to clean large areas, or a smaller head for maneuverability and ease of cleaning under obstacles like tables and chairs.

For either style of vacuum cleaner make sure that your hose is long and that it does not easily kink or deform out of round.

6. Insist On Quality & Value Consistent With Your Budget

Some manufacturers may take a standard vacuum cleaner and simply equip it with a HEPA Filter. A vacuum cleaner specifically designed as a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner will feature a fan downstream of the filter bag so that fragmentation of particles is minimized and less allergens will reach your room air. Other signs of a high quality True HEPA Vacuum Cleaner include:

  • Certified HEPA Filter
  • Good selection, functionality, & storage of tools
  • Powerful suction with quiet operation
  • Variable suction control
  • Dust bag change indicator & automatic dust bag sealing
  • 3 year minimum warranty on the motor (with at least a year on all other parts)

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HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Sanitaire Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Bagless Model SC5845 shown
Sanitaire Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Bagless Model SC5845 shown

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