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Green Cleaning Products Overview

Building Managers & Homeowners all across North America are now beginning to understand that they can make significant savings in their budgets, save energy, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and decrease our impact on global warming by choosing Green Cleaning Products

According to the EPA, recycling 1 ton of paper will save enough energy to power the average American home for 6 months, save 7,000 gallons of water, save 3.3 cubic yards of landfill, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 metric ton of carbon equivalent (MTCE). So, recycling and using recycled paper products can make a huge difference to our environment.

Green Cleaning Equipment & Accessories are more energy efficient - even small improvements in energy efficiency can add up to big savings over time.

Whether you are a Homeowner or a Building Manager, You can use Green Cleaning Equipment & Products to help save our environment and $SAVE$, The Dobmeier Green Cleaning Products Guide has been written to help you understand the range of Green Cleaning Products that are now easily available. You can also download and print the FREE Dobmeier Green Cleaning Products Guide e-Book in PDF format.

Dobmeier has been providing janitorial supplies since 1950, and our Green Cleaning Experts can help You find the optimum green cleaning equipment and supplies - so if You ever have any questions feel free to Contact Us at any time. Call 1.800.870.2006 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), or e-mail

Dobmeier Cleaning Equipment & Cleaning Supplies Outlet is proud to announce that our new catalog offers our largest ever selection of green cleaning equipment and supplies yet. You'll find these green cleaning products identified with Dobmeier Green Logo. As new green cleaning products continue to be introduced, Dobmeier will assess them and recommend the best ones to you. Here are some of the categories where you can now find green cleaning products & other green janitorial supplies:

Green Cleaning Supplies

Green Bathroom Dispensers & Dispenser Refills

Green Floor Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Products

Green Odor Control Products

Green Skin Care & Hygiene Products

Green Facilities Maintenance & Safety Products

Green Recycle & Waste Containers, Bags, Liners

Green Food Service Supplies

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