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How Clean Is Your Faclility? - Is It Dobmeier Professional Clean?
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Dobmeier Janitor Supply, Inc. - Dobmeier Janitorial Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Outlet, Buffalo, NY
Dobmeier Janitorial Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Outlet and Warehouse, Buffalo, NY

Our family business, Dobmeier Janitor Supply, Inc., started in Buffalo, NY, back in 1950.
It was run in line with our family values and simple good business sense following the Dobmeier Core Principle of providing excellent value for money by:

  • giving expert advice and superior customer service
  • selling only high quality janitorial supplies and equipment
  • servicing: our Ability One approved in-house Sevice Center is operated by factory trained technicians, offering OEM maintenance parts for, and expertly servicing, every piece of equipment that we sell
  • our technicians can also visit your facility (anywhere in the Buffalo / WNY area) to service, repair, and test your janitorial cleaning equipment on your site
  • providing all of this with discount pricing

Not surprisingly Dobmeier Janitor Supply flourished, rapidly expanding to serve businesses and homeowners all across New York State.

Today, we retain the Dobmeier Core Principle, and specialize in providing You, wherever You are in North America, with expert advice and discount high quality janitorial cleaning equipment, parts, & supplies, from All The Top Manufacturers & Brands.

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You may benefit by reading our Online Janitorial Cleaning Resources, that are intended to help anyone, from an average Homeowner to a professional Building Manager, including:

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If You ever need any help or advice when selecting Your cleaning equipment, parts, & supplies, or any other janitorial equipment & supplies, please feel free to Contact Our Expert Staff, who will be eager to help You get the right performance and the best available value for money!

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How Clean Is Your Facility? - Is It Dobmeier Professional Clean?
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