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Diversey 12x12in Dry Wipes Disposable Wiping System SKU#Diversey-D1229237, Diversey 12x12in Dry Wipes Disposable Wiping System SKU#Diversey-D1229237

Items/Pack: 100
Packs/Case: 6

Diversey 12x12in Dry Wipes Disposable Wiping System SKU#Diversey-D1229237

Manufacturer: Diversey
Part No: D1229237
SKU: Diversey-D1229237

Product Description:

Diversey 12x12in Dry Wipes Disposable Wiping System SKU#Diversey-D1229237 - 12x12in Wipes, 6x 100 Dry Wipes Packs. Diversey Dry Wipes are designed to be combined with a variety of Diversey cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitizers for use in a spray and wipe applications on all hard, nonporous surfaces that are outlined on the chemical label. Simply apply the cleaner, disinfectant, or sanitizer of your choice to the desired surface and allow it to remain wet for the required contact time. Then wipe away using a Dry Wipe.

Features include: Soft hand feel that is more cloth-like, with strong material strength. High quality fibers allow for easy pick-up and removal of dirt, dust and other soils. Low linting for applications where it is necessary to clean or dry sensitive surfaces without depositing cloth fibers, reducing the risk of contamination. Dry Wipes may be pre-wetted for up to 24 hours.

If using an Improved or Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide product with Dry Wipes, the shelf life is 28 days (when pre-wetted onsite and stored in a closed container). Charging Buckets (D1229129) & Lids (D1229130) available separately. Refer to the Diversey Disposable Wiping System Pre-Wetting Instructions.

Some quaternary-based chemicals may bind with the wipes and testing is recommended prior to pre-wetting, or use in a spray and wipe application. Ideal for use in facilities withour laundering, dispose of wipes in trash, do not flush. 100 Wipes per Pack, 6 Packs (600 Wipes) per Case.

Note: Charging Buckets and Lids Are Available In Single Units In Store Only - Call 1.800.870.2006 For Availability!

Product image may vary from product if manufacturer changes specifications.

Product Specifications:

Items/Case: 600
Unit Price: $0.15
Case Price: $107.96
Cases Ordered:
Extended Price:
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Dry Wipes InfoSheet
Charging Bucket & Lid InfoSheet
Charging Bucket Cleaning Instructions

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