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The Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide

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Dobmeier has been providing janitorial supplies since 1950, and our Janitorial Cleaning Experts can help You find the optimum equipment and supplies for cleaning Your flooring. Just follow this 3-Step Guide, and if you ever have any questions feel free to Contact Us at any time. Call 1.800.870.2006 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), or e-mail

The Dobmeier 3-Step Professional Guide To Cleaning Synthetic Floors

STEP 1 - Identify The Type Of Synthetic Flooring That Needs Cleaning

Synthetic Floors can be made from a variety of traditional and modern man-made materials:
4.1. Traditional Synthetic Flooring including Asphalt Tiles & Linoleum Sheets
4.2. Modern Plastic & Rubber Flooring including Vinyl & Rubber, Tiles or Sheets

These different Floor materials vary significantly in their reaction to different cleaning chemicals, as well as their susceptibility to physical damage from aggressive cleaning processes.


STEP 2 - Identify The Optimum Floor Cleaning Methodology To Use

The primary factors involved in determining the optimum cleaning technique for each floor type are the specific floor composition (See Step 1) and the surface topography. A variety of cleaning formulations and cleaning pads are available (see STEP 3).

Always avoid the use of strong detergents, abrasives, or strong acids when cleaning any synthetic floor. Specific recommendations for how to clean Your synthetic floor depend primarily upon your specific scenario:
4.3. Residential Floor Cleaning - for lightly-trodden, relatively small floor areas
4.4. Janitorial Floor Cleaning - for large and/or heavily-used floors, for example those in commercial or institutional buildings


STEP 3 - Choose The Optimum Cleaning Supplies For Your Flooring

Residential and other lightly-used floors require relatively little maintenance and only basic floor cleaning equipment and supplies, whereas synthetic floors subjected to higher traffic in commercial and institutional applications generally require daily maintenance using floor machines and specialty cleaning formulations derived specifically for each floor type.

Diversey offers an excellent range of Janitorial Supplies For Synthetic Floors, &
4.5. 'Green Cleaning Supplies' that are suited for Janitorial or Residential use.
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Cleaning Synthetic Floors

Diversey Pace High Impact Flooring Cleaning System with Microfiber Pads
Diversey Pace High Impact Flooring Cleaning System with Microfiber Pads

The Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide

The Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide


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