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Overview - How To Clean Your Floors Effectively And Efficiently

Our homes and buildings are typically furnished with many different flooring materials, often including different types of carpeting and matting, hardwood floors, various types of stone or ceramic tile floors, and synthetic flooring such as asphalt, linoleum, vinyl, or rubber.

Whether you are a Homeowner or a Building Manager, and whatever types of flooring materials you have, The Dobmeier Floor Cleaning Guide has been written to help you understand the fastest way to clean and maintain your floors properly. You can also download and print the FREE Dobmeier 3-Step Professional Floor Cleaning Guide e-Book in PDF format.

Residential Floor Cleaning
Despite the occasional spill, residential floor cleaning is mostly Light-Duty Floor Cleaning, involving relatively small areas of lightly trodden flooring. Residential floor cleaning therefore requires less (and lighter) floor cleaning equipment, and fewer cleaning supplies, than Janitorial floor cleaning. Most types of residential flooring can be cleaned quickly and easily - just follow the Dobmeier 3-Step Professional Floor Cleaning Guide.

Janitorial Floor Cleaning
Modern janitorial staff have to understand and manage a wide variety of tools, supplies, and cleaning techniques to maintain Your flooring in top condition. Your floor machines, pads, cleaning supplies... must all be compatible with each other and with your flooring. They have to choose from (and manage) many different cleaning chemicals to remove different types of soiling. They have to choose and apply the right floor finishes and protectants...

Dobmeier has been providing janitorial supplies since 1950, and our Janitorial Cleaning Experts can help You find the optimum equipment and supplies for cleaning Your floors and floor coverings. Just follow this 3-Step Guide, and if you ever have any questions feel free to Contact Us at any time. Call 1.800.870.2006 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), or e-mail

The Dobmeier 3-Step Professional Floor Cleaning Guide

Let's identify the 3 Steps you generally need to take when determining the most efficient way to clean your flooring, and also define the Key Factors that you need to consider when purchasing Your floor cleaning equipment, accessories, and supplies:

STEP 1 - Identify Your Flooring Material Type (& Surface Finish):

We recognise 4 Classes Of Flooring Materials that you may need to clean, and we offer advice on the best way to clean each flooring type in the separate Sections of this Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide:

SECTION 1. Cleaning Carpeting, Mats, & Rugs made from Natural or Synthetic Fibers
SECTION 2. Cleaning Hardwood Floors - Planks, Parquet, & Engineered Hardwood Floors
SECTION 3. Cleaning Stone Floors - Natural Stone & Man-Made Stone Floors
SECTION 4. Cleaning Synthetic Floors - Asphalt, Linoleum, Rubber, Vinyl... tiles & sheets

Complete List Of All Flooring Materials


STEP 2 - Define Your Most Effective Floor Cleaning Methodolgy:

The most effective floor cleaning method for You to use depends on the scale of the area to be cleaned and also on other factors like the type of dirt or grime to be cleaned away and the degree of accessibility for your cleaning equipment:

1. Manual Floor Cleaning - Floor Cleaning Methods For Residential & Lightly-Used, Relatively Small-Area, Floor Cleaning Applications, Using Hand Brooms, Mops, Buckets...

2. Wide Area Floor Cleaning - Cleaning Floors With Walk-Behind Or Ride-On Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines On All Types Of Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Flooring.

3. Specialized Floor Cleaning - Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaning In Manufacturing Operations, Degreasing Automotive Shop Floors, Industrial Plant Floors..., Disinfecting Floors For Food Service, Schools, Healthcare..., Cleaning Stairwells, etc.


STEP 3 - Choose Your Optimum Floor Cleaning Supplies

1. Light-Duty Cleaning Products Simple Detergents & Household Chemicals May Be Effective For Many Residential Floor Cleaning Scenarios On Lightly-Used, Small-Area, Floors Subjected To Low Traffic & Wear.

2. Commercial Floor Cleaning Chemicals (& Equipment) Powerful Floor Strippers, Detergents, Disinfectants, Floor Finishes & Protectants... For Increased Efficiency, Improved Floor Cleaning Performance, Enhanced Floor Finish Durability, & Reduced Floor Maintenance On Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Floors.

3. 'Green Cleaning' Supplies (& Equipment) That Efficiently Provide Effective Floor Cleaning Performance & Acceptable Floor Protection With Reduced Environmental Impact.

More About Green Cleaning Supplies For Cleaning Your Floors

If You are not already using 'Green Cleaning Supplies', now really is the time to take them seriously!

'Green Cleaning Supplies' now provide a realistic way for us to efficiently and cost-effectively clean our floors while mitigating the damage to our environment that traditional cleaning supplies can cause.

A wide range of excellent certified 'Green Cleaning' Supplies & energy-efficient floor cleaning equipment is now available for us to choose from. So now you can $SAVE$ and help improve our environment. That is why 'Green Cleaning' is increasingly becoming the accepted Best Practice for cleaning most types of floors in Commercial, Institutional, & even Heavy Industrial buildings, as well as in our Homes.

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Cleaning Floors

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The Dobmeier Professional Floor Cleaning Guide


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