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Central Vacuum Systems Can Be An Excellent Alternative For Allergy Sufferers

If You suffer from allergies you may find that a central vacuum system is an even better choice for you than a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner:

Central Vacuum Systems remove all dirt from your home without blowing exhaust air around the rooms. This is advantageous for allergy sufferers because the chance of allergens getting back into your room air is significantly reduced. Their exhaust air can be vented into the garage or basement where they are installed, or can even be vented directly out of your home.

Central Vacuum Systems are usually large built-in units that can be more powerful than portable vacuum cleaners - since their weight is not an issue and they can be fitted with larger and more powerful motors.

The biggest disadvantages of Central Vacuum Cleaners are:

  • Central Vacuum Cleaners require planning & fitting in homes that are under construction
  • Central Vacuum Cleaners are relatively expensive to install
  • Central Vacuum Cleaners Require You to drag long hoses and tools around

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HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux QuietClean HEPA Central Vacuums - PU3650 & PU3900 Models
Electrolux QuietClean HEPA Central Vacuums - PU3650 & PU3900 Models

The Dobmeier HEPA Vaccuum Cleaner Guide


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